By: Stephen Carter

The go-to guide on understanding Ron Paul and a Paul presidency.

Ron Paul is a very unique politician who sharply stands out from others. Having served 24 years in the U.S. House of Representatives he has a record of being an outsider in congress; having never voted for a budget that would increase U.S. debt, choosing to opt out of the congressional pension plan, returning unspent money from his congressional office each year, and sponsoring bills where other politicians dare not tread, he is a rare breed who stands on principle.

When he talks to people he doesn’t flop around in order to get votes; he means what he says and doesn’t try to mislead people. His goal is a constitutionally restricted federal government which promotes liberty for all and he has demonstrated his seriousness of this issue time and time again.

With all of that being said, there’s still quite the misunderstanding of who Ron Paul is and why he thinks the way he does. Many still know very little about the man, which is common in our drive-by, sound bite driven media. It is my hope to present to you here a full summary of who Ron Paul is, what his political stances are and where they are derived from, as well as tackle many of the questions surrounding Paul and what his presidency might look like. More